Communication. Teamwork. Feedback.

I'm specializing in

Game and Level Design.


Game Mechanics

player-centric design

detailed documentation

feedback based iteration

System Design

systemic relationships

macro and micro balancing

meta game systems

AI Design

behaviour trees & states

task managagement

emergent gameplay

Enemy & Boss Design

combat roles

abilities and skills

encounter design


playtest sessions

gathering feedback

bug tracking/reporting in Jira


Conceptual Thinking

creative training and brainstorming methods

feature design in new & established systems

gamejam sessions

Problem Solving

analysing and outlining problems

improvement of workflow processes

presenting short and long term solutions 


displaying information in effective ways

connection between different departments

clear and profound contributions in meetings

Feedback Process

early feedback seeking

following the fun

giving constructive feedback


sharing knowledge with fellow devs

training interns for their design tasks

incorporate externals into the workflow

Public Speaking

vision and design pitching to stakeholders

holding talks at game dev events



mission/objective briefings

metrics and affordances

level pacing graphs

2D Layout & 3D Blocking

narrative focused singleplayer beats

combat/encounter design

competitive multiplayer gameflow


events and player interactions

AI behaviours

static and dynamic encounters


dialogue implementation

unit and asset positioning

animation and camera setup

Environment/Level Art

environmental storytelling

terrain & vegetation editing

asset placement & collider passes


Engine (Unity 3D/Twine)

hands on in-engine work

several game genres

personal, student, and professional projects

Documentation (Office/Confluence)

prepare, edit, and process data

setting up naming conventions

best practices and guidelines

2D (Photoshop / Illustrator)

creating molecular overviews

drafting level layouts

gather references for Level Artists

3D (Unity ProBuilder / Maya / 3DS Max)

creating clean level blockouts

solid collision and navigation

highlighting affordances and points of interest

Scripting (XML / Json)

scripting and staging encounters and cutscenes

data driven and nodebased systems

colab with programmers on scripting tools

Programming (Java / C#)

basic education in computer science programm

small personal and student projects


07/2017 - 04/2018

Freelance Game and Level Designer

bluebox interactive

Monster Menace Matthew (2D Dungeon Crawler)


- creating Game Design Documents

- exploring different ideas in narrative and gameplay

- prototyping mechanics and features

- tile based 2D level design

05/2017 - 05/2019

Founding Advisory Board Member

German Dev Days Förderstiftung (charitable foundation)

- student representive in the foundation

- enhancing advisory board with student experience

- advocating for gamedev students, graduates and young startups

10/2017 - Current

Game and Level Designer

KING Art Games
(including 6-month internship; bachelor thesis; regular position)

Iron Harvest (PC & Console; 3D RTS)

Releasedate: 1st of September 2020 for PC, TBA for Consoles

- lead design substitute (managing and mentoring)

- contribution to several systems and features in game design

- boss design including narrative work, unit abilities, look & feel

- overseeing production of external level designers/artists

- complete ownership of multiple campaign levels

- layout, blockout, scripting, staging, and polish

- additional support for several levels (team-based iteration)

- technical design work for scripting tools

Unannounced project (PC & Console; under NDA)


- 3 C design (character, camera, controls)

- core system and feature design

- level design ownership (modular and custom)

- AI behaviour and encounter design

- technical design and prototype support


09/2005 - 02/2013

Ostendorfer Gymnasium Neumarkt i.d.Opf.

Abitur (German highschool exam with university entrance qualification)

I took part in Assessment-Center workshops and advanced courses for using spreadsheet software.

Additionally I was a member of a filmmaking club during my last year.

10/2014 - 12/2018

HS Mittweida - University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Science

Co-Founder and Organizer of "alpha" (regular panel discussions and game jams for students),

Member of the study affairs committee (for Media Informatics and Interactive Entertainment)


Best German Studio of 2017

KING Art Games has won the best studio award at the german developer award and was nominated for 2018 as well.


I was volunteering at the developer conference devcom as well as Quo Vadis, Womenize and the games festival A Maze.

Biggest Game Jam in Saxony

Organized an alpha game jam with 50 developers and even more people during final presentations.

German Dev Days Exhibitor

Presenting our graduation project "Koa Bunga" at the German Dev Days as one of few indiedev exhibitors.

Gamescom Showcase

Every year our university chose one of our games for gamescom, to show what you can accomplish as a student team.

Boardgames Showcase at


An Exhibition for Model Building, Model Railways, Creative Arts and Play.






My name is Justin Zwack and this is my portfolio.


I'm a Game & Level Designer with studio, freelance and lead experience currently working at KING Art Games in Bremen, Germany.

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