Communication. Presentation. Documentation.

I'm specializing in

Game and Level Design.


Among skills in other departments the teams I work with benefit especially from my game and level design knowledge and communication skills.

In a leading position I manage and support the team the best I can, so that everyone stays motivated until the end.

Conceptual Thinking:


Problem Solving:


Prototyping (Paper & Engine Block Out):


Systemic Design:


Public Speaking:



Through my professional or personal projects and through my work for university, I grew more and more proficient with a variety of tools. This diverse knowledge about different workflows allows me to enable teams to communicate across all departments.

Unity 3D:


Microsoft Office Suite:


2D (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator):


3D (Maya/3DS Max/ZBrush):


Programming (Java/C#/JavaScript):



After one year of selfteaching in game development, I started studying Media Informatics and Interactive Entertainment (B.Sc.) in 2014, where I gained development experience through several student and personal projects.


Even before graduation I gathered professional experience and started to support other young game developers.

2017 - 2019

Founding Advisory Board Member

German Dev Days Förderstiftung (charitable foundation)

As the student representive in the foundation I support the rest of the advisory board with my experience from different student projects and my thoughts on how to support young gamedevs.

2017 - 2018

Freelance Game and Level Designer

bluebox interactive

For a rather short period of time I was freelancing as a game and level designer for 'Monster Menace Matthew' a dungeon crawler.
Unfortunetaly, the project got cancelled.

2017 - Current

Game and Level Designer

KING Art Games

Iron Harvest:

Additionally to my general game and level design work for the game as a whole, I'm currently managing external level designers and artists and mentor interns. At the studio I wrote my bachelor thesis about the adaptaion of action boss design to RTS games.

Canncelled annanounced project:

As we were a rather small team for the preproduction of an unannounced project, I had quite the responsibility even as an intern and contributed my game and level design skills directly to the game concept and different prototypes.


Throughout my education I had the opportunity to improve my skills and use them in different teams for all kinds of projects.


Already back in my early school years my strong communication skills and technical knowledge came in handy and it was not uncommon to see myself in a leadership role during most of the projects.

2005 - 2013

Ostendorfer Gymnasium Neumarkt i.d.Opf.

Abitur (German highschool exam with university entrance qualification)

I took part in Assessment-Center workshops and advanced courses for using spreadsheet software.

Additionally I was a member of a filmmaking club during my last year.

2014 - 2018

HS Mittweida - University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Science

Co-Founder and Organizer of "alpha" (regular panel discussions and game jams for students),

Member of the study affairs committee (for Media Informatics and Interactive Entertainment)


Every now and then my team and I had the opportunity to show others our projects.

Best German Studio of 2017

KING Art Games has won the best studio award at the german developer award and is nominated for 2018 as well.


I was volunteering at the developer conference devcom as well as Respawn, Quo Vadis and the games festival A Maze.

Biggest Game Jam in Saxony

Organized an alpha game jam with 50 developers and even more people during final presentations.

German Dev Days Exhibitor

Presenting our graduation project "Koa Bunga" at the German Dev Days as one of few indiedev exhibitors.

Gamescom Showcase

Every year our university chose one of our games for gamescom, to show what you can accomplish as a student team.

Boardgames Showcase at


An Exhibition for Model Building, Model Railways, Creative Arts and Play.






My name is Justin Zwack and this is my portfolio.


I'm a Game & Level Designer with studio, freelance and lead experience currently working at KING Art Games in Bremen, Germany.

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