I'm also doing other things than Game Design.

Here are only a few examples of what I worked on.



I was interviewed by the press for an article about the job of a gamedeveloper. This interview was published by the german regional newspaper "Freie Presse" and "Sächsische Zeitung".

I had the chance to talk about my experiences so far and my course of study (Media Informatics and Interactive Entertainment). It's also mentioning, what I think is important for developers, like dedication, communication, logical thinking and the ability to take criticism from within and outside of your team.

You can read it here. Unfortunately it's only for german readers.



In Mittweida, the small town where my university is, we have many gamers and developers (especially because of our course of study), but we had no further connection than the school itself.

We build up a network and a platform to talk about games, a friend of mine and I decided to call it 'alpha'.

With 'alpha' we organize regular panel discussions, called meetups, and weekend game jams.

With a growing group of people attending our events, we created something, that is there to stay.



We had the task to make a "dimension-portal launcher".

To go away from a typical portal gun, I drew many different concepts and finally decided to make a fantasy object, which a druid could wield.


With this portal spitting and thowing lantern I improved my 3D skills and knowledge drastically, especially in:

  • Modelling and UV Unwrapping in Maya
  • Sculpting and Mapping in Z Brush
  • Rendering with V-Ray in Maya




Often I support my artists in the team, by drawing rough sketches of what I'm thinking, but sometimes it is more than that.


For example in one project I made all the character art, which where caricatural pictures of people like Benjamin Franklin or Queen Elizabeth.

I quickly decided on a style, which suited the rest of the game and placed them on the cards.


Furthermore I draw some Fanart as a present for friends or just for fun.



For one of our games ("Zuflucht") and for an animation short I was in charge for the music, sound effects and general sound design.

Furthermore I made two ambient tracks for our game. One for the quiet and peaceful first part and one for the dangerous second part, where you and your puppies are being hunted.

Most of the time I used MAGIX Samplitude.



For alpha and other projects I learned the basics of video editing with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. I'm working on a corporate image film with clips I filmed from panel discussions, presentations and game jams.



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I'm Justin Zwack and this is my online portfolio.

I'm a young Game & Level Designer looking for new challenges and adventures within the game industry.


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