My passion is developing games.

During my time at university I worked on several games. One of them was not only for school, but was on behalf of a client. I take part in game jams and work on personal projects whenever I can.

Iron Harvest


Iron Harvest is an old-school real-time strategy game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, set in the alternate reality of 1920+.


As part of the game and the level design team I use my skills to define gameplay elements and features with the rest of the team. We work on overarching meta game features as well as detailed in game mechanics of all kind of systems. We get to talk about ideas for new and existing features, iterate different levels and how we face specific design and development challenges,


Additionately I'm working on the final encounter for Iron Harvest as I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis about boss design.



A 3rd Person Puzzle Platformer, where you are using death to your advantage while surfing on the blood you layed out before.

This was our graduation game project, which was being developed in one semester with over 60 students for PC with Unity 3D.


As the Creative Director and Lead Game/Level Designer I had to communicate with all departments and especially manage all other Game or Level Designers.


My team and I were responsible for:

  • the general concept
  • story and characters
  • game mechanics
  • level design and puzzles
  • UI concepts
  • game design document
  • game feel and feedback in all aspects
  • the playtests for all kind of stuff
  • QA



We got greenlit! After our University has managed some law and business stuff you can download the game from Steam and play it yourself. Thanks for all your support!

Doragon Baiku - A Yakuza Story in Space


Our contribution to the 'RocketBeansTV' game jam: beansjam.

The theme was: "Space Mafia"


It's a 4 Player Multiplayer Gravity Shooter with Yakuza Space-Bikes and Laser Katanas… IN SPAAACCEEE!


To discover who will replace the mighty but slowly dying Yakuza Boss, four siblings are fighting to death in space.

You can use the planets' gravity with your Space-Bike and shoot bullets onto their orbits or speed up and slash your siblings with your laser katana, to finally defeat your enemys on your way to become the mightiest man in space!

It was developed with 6 other guys in 48 hours.


My tasks within the game jam:


  • Project Management
  • Game Design
  • Design and Pixelart for Menu UI
  • Logo Design

A Tale of Wind and Sea


Our contribution to the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam by Mark Brown.

The theme was: "Dual Purpose Design"


It's a local multiplayer game for 2 players, in which you are sharing a controller with a friend to control a fish and a bird. When flying through the air or swimming through the sea you generate a current which you can use to build up your speed. If you are fast enough you can try to jump out of your habitat and catch the other animal. Furthermore you can alter the sea level to your advantage by collecting orbs of your nature.

It tells the story of a relationship through gameplay.


It was developed with 3 other guys in 48 hours.


My areas of responsibility:


  • Project Management
  • Game Design
  • 2D Backgrounds
  • Logo Design


With even more game jams and personal projects I learned more and more about game development and all kinds of workflows and pipe lines.

Besides Game and Level Design I improved my skills in Project Management, 2D, 3D and audio.

Scream around the World


A great experimental prototype with alternative input, which was used for an application at the accelerator program stugan.


It's a scream controlled local multiplayer endless runner in which you cooperatively control a character with your voice.

We made a playable prototype for our application at stugan a non-profit accelerator program for game developers. We didn't get picked this time but you can watch our application video with gameplay and instructions right here.


My spectrum of tasks are:


  • Game Design
  • Level Design
  • Some 2D Assets



In addition to digital games I worked on a few board games, too.

One of them gets an overhaul and will then be published in future.



A 2-phased, team-based dungeon crawler board game with an asymmetric final boss fight, in which one of your team members secretly plays the possessed enemy.


It started as a student project with 5 other students and developed into a collaboration with publishing company Corax Games.


We are currently working on the overhaul of the games' first part.


The range of tasks, I was in charge of:


  • Project Management (Leadership)
  • Communication with the publisher
  • Game Design
  • Balancing
  • Presentations

HÄNDLER DER MEERE (translated sth. like "Traders of the Sea")


A dynamic multiplayer board game about trading goods with other players and manipulating them, to hold the most valuable carriage at the end.


This game was developed with 3 other students after a resource-focused game jam in about 4 months.


Areas of operations:


  • Project Management (Leadership)
  • Game Design
  • Balancing
  • UI Design (Cards)
  • Art (Character and Backgrounds)



Gneisenaustr. 65,

28201 Bremen,


Tel: +49 179 219 754 0



I'm Justin Zwack and this is my online portfolio.

I'm a young Game & Level Designer looking for new challenges and adventures within the game industry.


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